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The Resistance (The Interstellar Trials #2)

The Resistance (The Interstellar Trials #2)

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About this ebook:

How do you escape when there's nowhere to run? 

Reggie Sylvester and her friends are fugitives from the tyrannical rage of Admiral Xavier, which is no longer contained to the New Fleet. Without crops or fuel for their shuttle, though, they won't last very long alone in the black. 

When they learn the Resistance is still alive and well – and fighting back against Xavier's First Fleet invasion – Reggie hatches a plan to increase their allies and join in the fight. 

But her new friends don't trust her motives, and the feeling's mutual. If they can't find common ground before the clock runs out, they'll be thrown to Xavier's mercy – and the entire fleet will burn right along with them. 

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