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Interstellar Trials Complete Trilogy

Interstellar Trials Complete Trilogy

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About this ebook: 

From book 1: 

Her life is a crime. To survive, she'll steal another. 

Reggie's spent her life stowed away in the crawl spaces of a generation ship that's headed to the stars. If the ship's tyrannical authorities discover she exists, it'll mean a long walk out of a short airlock. 

When the authorities announce a tournament to make peace with the estranged other half of their fleet, Reggie steals another girl's identity -- along with her spot in the games. 

She doesn't want to win; she wants to escape to the other fleet. But avoiding the trials is harder than she expects, and avoiding the other contestants is even harder -- especially the charmingly naive future captain who keeps trying to bring her into the fold. 

When a threatening note appears under her door Reggie must decide how ruthlessly she's willing to be -- and who she's willing to betray to protect her secret. 

Fans of The 100 and the Hunger Games will love this dystopian space opera adventure! 

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This complete trilogy bundle includes:

  • Book 1, The Tournament
  • Book 2, The Resistance
  • Book 3, The Legacy

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