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Exile Sky (Parse Galaxy #4) - Signed Paperback

Exile Sky (Parse Galaxy #4) - Signed Paperback

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About this SIGNED paperback:

Sloane might not relish the situation that's got her tangled in a web of Galactic Fleet and Trade Federation politics – but she's knee-deep in it now. And she's finished with dead ends. 

When she finally cracks the clue her uncle left behind, it points directly to the worst spot in the galaxy: a barren wasteland of a moon (if it counts as a moon when the planet it was orbiting has been blown into bits) where her toes are guaranteed to freeze solid in about thirty seconds. 

Between the bandits, the blizzards, and the cybernetic wolves, her hands are full. Not that she's complaining… much. 

Sloane only hopes she can escape the trek with all her toes intact – and the evidence she needs to save the galaxy from imperial rule. 

No pressure. 

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  • ★★★★★

    "Humor, action, kickbutt heroine, swoon-worthy hero, found family, unexpected twists, spaceships...this book has it all. I think I read them all in a week."
    -Heather T.

  • ★★★★★

    "Sloane Tarnish's unconventional approach to captaining, bounty hunting, and well... everything, is intriguing, highly entertaining, and downright charming. No wonder the stalwart Commander Fortune doesn't quite know whether to help her or detain her. A fabulous read you won't want to miss!"
    -Audrey S.

  • ★★★★★

    "​​I thoroughly enjoyed the madcap, eccentric adventures of Sloane as she tries to deal with a barely operating inherited spacecraft while fighting space pirates, huge Galactic Corporations and the Fleet."
    -Brian L.