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Don't Look Back (And Other Stories)

Don't Look Back (And Other Stories)

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From science fiction and fantasy author Kate Sheeran Swed, Don't Look Back is a short story collection that blends space travel with ghostly encounters and explores the possibilities of near-future technology—the good, the suspect, and the outright alarming.  

  • In 'The Rest is Silence,' a powerful corporation buys the government—and pays its citizens in cash for each day they don't speak;
  • In 'Windfall,' a would-be wizard aims to con his classmate out of a magical inheritance; 
  • In a reimagining of the Orpheus myth, the collection's title story features a rock star who chooses virtual reality over the real world in an attempt to save his true love. 

From intergalactic ghost-hunting museums to magical road trips through Upstate New York, Don't Look Back's stories promise adventure, romance, and an ever-present hint of revolution.

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