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Claim the Void (Star Current Saga #1)

Claim the Void (Star Current Saga #1)

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About this ebook: 

An alien disease. A cryptic bloodline. An ancient feud between worlds. 

Well. It's nothing a little swagger can't handle. 

Damian Riddle's sick of bouncing around the known galaxy in search of a cure for the alien disease that's been plaguing him for months. He hasn't felt up to robbing a single pirate ship, or breaking into any cartel supply stashes. Which is depressing, to say the least. 

Also, he's got a feeling the illness just might be fatal.  

The only solution? To start searching the unknown galaxy for a cure. And Damian knows how to do it. 

But when a nosy reporter stows away in his smuggling compartment, throwing off his calculations, the ship slingshots them both to an unknown location–where political maneuvering is the status quo and sinister mysteries cast shadows over the crystalline beauty of the alien city. 

If Damian can't figure out where the heck they are–and whether these aliens can help him with a cure–his ailment is sure to kill him. And with his symptoms growing worse, he fears the fallout may not be contained to one man… 

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