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Chaos Zone (Parse Galaxy #1) - Signed Paperback

Chaos Zone (Parse Galaxy #1) - Signed Paperback

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About this SIGNED paperback:

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The fate of the galaxy? That sounds stressful.

That is the kind of problem best left to the soldiers. The politicians. The people who know stuff.

Sloane Tarnish knows plenty of stuff. Unfortunately, it's not the kind of stuff that'll do the galaxy any good. She's used to the kind of shots you drink, not the ones you fire off because there's an enemy on your tail. 

But in a bizarre twist of what-the-freaking-hell, her outlaw uncle inexplicably ditches his spaceship, along with his misfit crew. Which wouldn't be Sloane's issue, except that he also locked the spaceship to her DNA. If she doesn't approve the next destination, Moneymaker stays put.

She never wanted a spaceship. She still doesn't. But she can't get back to her real life until she finds her uncle.

Problem 1: the ship's too broken to leave the most dangerous system in the galaxy, where a recent power vacuum is turning the place into one orbiting cluster of fugitives, thugs, and swindlers.

Problem 2: when she sets her sights on a bounty with a reward that will solve all her problems, the Commander of the Galactic Fleet himself shows up in pursuit of the same man. The last thing Sloane needs is to get tangled in a web of galactic politics–but she won't let her prize go, either. The payoff is just too big to give up.

But as dangers close in on all sides, she can't help wondering if she'll live to claim her prize…

Chaos Zone is the first installment in a space opera series full of reckless women, messy worlds, and big adventures–perfect for fans of Firefly, Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Grab your copy of Chaos Zone now!

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  • ★★★★★

    "Humor, action, kickbutt heroine, swoon-worthy hero, found family, unexpected twists, spaceships...this book has it all. I think I read them all in a week."
    -Heather T.

  • ★★★★★

    "Sloane Tarnish's unconventional approach to captaining, bounty hunting, and well... everything, is intriguing, highly entertaining, and downright charming. No wonder the stalwart Commander Fortune doesn't quite know whether to help her or detain her. A fabulous read you won't want to miss!"
    -Audrey S.

  • ★★★★★

    "​​I thoroughly enjoyed the madcap, eccentric adventures of Sloane as she tries to deal with a barely operating inherited spacecraft while fighting space pirates, huge Galactic Corporations and the Fleet."
    -Brian L.