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Alter Ego (League of Independent Operatives #1) - Signed Paperback

Alter Ego (League of Independent Operatives #1) - Signed Paperback

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About this SIGNED paperback:


The world knows Mary O'Sullivan as a Page Six regular; she's an heiress, a playgirl, a philanthropist—and an orphan, after she survived the plane crash that killed her celebrity parents. 

The world knows her vigilante alter ego, too—they just don't know it's Mary behind the mask. 


Nathan Pearce just wants to be a hero. So when a world-famous vigilante blows through his local Boston bar, he's determined to chase her down. If superheroes do internships, he wants one. 

But the woman might as well be a phantom. And Nathan's quest to prove himself will endanger more lives than just his own. 


Eloise Reyna wasn't meant to inherit a super-secret league of vigilantes, or the heirloom that grants her powers, for at least another decade. Between her motley band of cranky heroes and abilities she barely understands, she just might lose control. 

With a mad scientist on the loose and powerful enemies lurking in the wings, that's simply not an option. 


Together with their questionable crew, these would-be heroes must untangle the past to secure the future—or allow a dangerous new world order to rise. 

The League of Independent Operatives is a twisty superhero saga, perfect for fans of the Avengers, Umbrella Academy, and Arrow

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